OTTAWA – The Harper government’s Throne Speech today was out of step with the priorities of Canadians and the needs of seniors according to Irene Mathyssen, the Opposition Critic for seniors.

“Unfortunately, today’s Throne Speech failed to really address many key issues – like improving access to frontline health care, providing focused support to business that create jobs and ensuring Canadians can afford to retire,” said Mathyssen. “Four-and-a-half million Canadians voted for change, but the Throne Speech didn’t deliver the change they need.”

“There was nothing in the budget about poverty or helping lift poor seniors out of poverty. Shamefully many seniors will still be left to struggle daily to make ends meet. The conservative plan of tax credits for seniors falls far short what we need to bring seniors out of poverty”, argued Mathyssen. “Tax credits do not help the poorest, and those seniors that need our government’s help the most.”

“We’re inviting the government to work with us and get results on the key issues facing Canadian families,” said Jack Layton, Leader of the Official Opposition. “With crucial health care negotiations just around the corner, we need to see a federal commitment to work with the provinces to bring down prescription drug costs, hire more doctors and nurses and reduce wait times.”