LONDON—More than 500 additional good-paying jobs are disappearing from the already devastated southwestern Ontario manufacturing sector, with the announcement that Kellogg’s will be closed its London cereal plant before the end of 2014.

“It is simply heartbreaking news and another devastating blow to London,” said MP Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe), “We already have thousands of Londoners desperate for work and the situation isn’t a whole lot better in other communities. This will only add to the hopelessness many families are feeling about the chance to get back to work and get back on their feet. This is even more disappointing because when I met with the company in 2010, I was assured the future of the plant was not in question.”

According to the government’s own data, since November 2006 there are 11,300 fewer manufacturing jobs in London; 10,800 fewer total jobs in London; and 2,600 more unemployed workers in the Forest City (Cansims 282-0116, 282-0111). Today’s announcement will push that number higher with both direct and indirect job losses.

“Electro-Motive, Vytech, Ford Talbotville, McCormick’s, Heinz, Kelloggs, all closed, Diamond Aircraft, Accuride, and many others operating at greatly reduced capacity, not to mention public sector job losses, where does it end? When will the Harper Conservatives wake up to the reality that corporate tax cuts to already profitable corporations do not create jobs?” said Mathyssen. “The Minister of State responsible for development in Southern Ontario was in London yesterday for a good news announcement. The problem is when situations like this arise he’s nowhere to be found and local Conservatives are silent.”