FREE Parent Leadership Training Session

presented by the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership

Monday April 27th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
TVDSB Education Centre
1250 Dundas St. London

Welcoming all Voices


Building Inclusive School Councils, Home & School Associations and Parent Groups


The London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP), is a collaborative community initiative whose purpose is to strengthen the role of the local community in serving and integrating immigrants.


Welcoming All Voices is a resource guide that supports leadership training for School Councils, Home & School Associations, and other parent groups in their work to build inclusive parent involvement and engagement. This guide has been developed by a group of community members from a range of disciplines and organizations who strongly believe that all parents are an essential part of the education system and its goal to support healthy, successful learners. Immigrant parents, as do other parents, have much to offer in support of their children’s education. This resource guide, though focused on immigrant parents, offers ideas and strategies that can apply to all parents. The hope is that the content is found to be stimulating as well as informative.


This guide is focused on practical strategies and skills that parents in leadership roles can use to help their School Council, Home and School Association, or other parent groups to become as welcoming and inclusive as possible. It is not prescriptive. It is intended to stimulate thinking and planning in the considerations about what would be the most appropriate to use and try within a school community.


By taking a proactive stance, parent groups contribute to the school and community by becoming more inclusive. Feeling welcomed and valued within any school community promotes a sense of belonging and contributes to fuller social inclusion of all. Building on parental strengths and working to remove barriers to participation supports the reduction of inequities in our society now and into the future.


Thank you for your ongoing efforts to encourage and support the valuable contributions made by parents to the education system.


Learn more and receive the FREE guide by attending a Leadership Workshop

Monday April 27, 2015

6:30 - 8:30 pm

TVDSB Education Centre, 1250 Dundas St. London


The Workshop Includes:

  • Building inclusive parent engagement
  • Finding out the meaning of “welcome”
  • Building on strengths and recognizing challenges
  • Reaching out and connecting
  • Free resource guide with sample tools
  • Refreshments

Registration required to ensure adequate materials.


To register, or for more information contact:

Arlene Morell, TVCHSA PRO Grant Coordinator