Fix Veterans Affairs, Restore Respect for Veterans

LONDON – NDP Deputy Critic for Veterans Affairs, Irene Mathyssen, says her party has a plan to restore respect and dignity to Canada's Veterans.

Winning tax relief for the Duchess of Kent Legion, fighting bed closures at Parkwood Hospital, and bringing Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran to London, as well as working with the NDP caucus in Ottawa to have the GST removed from the Legion's poppy sales has established herself as a friend of Canada's veterans.

""We should be ashamed that the families of Canadian Forces personnel and veterans are relying on foodbanks!" said Mathyssen, By restoring pensions and benefits for retired and disabled RCMP and Canadian Forces members, improving the lives of over 100 000 veterans".

“Under Stephen Harper, Veterans Ombudsman and retired Col. Pat Stogran described Veteran’s Affairs as adopting an insurance company style culture of denial,” said Mathyssen. “This must end. The Department of Veterans Affairs is supposed to be there to support our veterans, not create additional hardship for them”.

The New Democrat plan will:

End unfair reductions for retired and disabled CF and RCMP veterans.
Restore the Service Income Security Insurance Plan for retired and disabled veterans.
Overhaul the Veterans Review and Appeal Board.
Take action on a public inquiry into toxic chemical defoliation at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.
Introduce a “Helmets-to-Hardhats” program to help veterans transition to construction and shipbuilding trades.