London, ON – The Federal Government’s Minister of Infrastructure announced funding for several projects, including $1,526,500.00 in federal funding for Design and Construction of Flood Protection measures at the Vauxhall Pollution Control Plant. The project is jointly funded by the Province of Ontario, the City of London and the federal government.

 Irene Mathyssen, NDP MP for London-Fanshawe, welcomed the announcement as timely and relevant.

“Funding for this project is vital for floodwater control from storms that are becoming more unpredictable and severe as a result of climate change. It will also help the City reduce extreme weather event discharges into the Thames River, improving the health of our Canadian Heritage River. It is a wise investment in the local community, and I have every confidence that we have the talent and resources to come up with a practical and sustainable solution.”

Mathyssen added that joint ventures such as these are an example of the way governments are supposed to work – across jurisdictions and party affiliations.

“We need more of this,” she said. “In London and across the country.”