Fanshawe College Canadian Centre for Product Validation

    Mr. Speaker, the Canadian Centre for Product Validation is a project worthy of our support. With only two such centres in the world, the proposal from Fanshawe College fills a niche with a made-in-Canada solution whereby potential products are tested and expert researchers suggest improvements. This business initiative will expand economic growth in London and create jobs. Economic impacts include the potential expansion of existing manufacturing in the region, attraction of new business, and job creation as a result of increased competitiveness.
    In addition, the centre would provide access to the workforce for skilled graduates with experience in industry product testing.
    The Canadian Centre for Product Validation would be a most welcome boost to a region devastated by factory closures and the loss of well-paying jobs.
    The London business community is squarely behind the proposal, and I support Fanshawe College in this most worthy endeavour.