Ottawa – New Democrat Critic for Seniors Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe) tabled a motion today that calls upon the federal government to update the rules governing wireless phone cards to ensure that consumers are treated fairly.

“The rules for phone cards need to be updated.  Many Canadians and especially seniors rely on these cards and if they do not immediately add new money to their cards each month, they can lose all the money they have invested in that card,” Mathyssen said.

The text of Mathyssen’s motion is as follows:

“That in the opinion of the House, the Government should (a) recognize that the seven day window following an expiry period for active prepaid wireless phone cards is too short; (b) undertake appropriate consultations to determine an extension of that period to ensure that consumers are treated fairly; and (c) introduce new minimum expiry periods for prepaid wireless cards. “

Mathyssen’s motion would address a reality many seniors face.

“Seniors living month to month put precious money aside on to these phone cards for emergencies or to keep in touch with loved ones.  If they get sick or something happens near the end of the month, they can miss their deadline and lose all the money they have put on their phones,” said Mathyssen.  “This practice is unfair and can be easily addressed.”