Dearness Home Seniors Program Funding Announced

London-Members of the community gathered today to celebrate as the Dearness Home announced it receipt of a $25,000 federal funding grant for its Arts for all Ages project from Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Member of Parliament Irene Mathyssen (NDP, London-Fanshawe), advised Dearness staff about this opportunity and advocated for the application’s approval. She participated in the announcement today, saying the grant will be a good investment not only in the quality of life for Dearness Home residents, but also for the youth of the community.

Arts for all Ages is a seniors’ led creative aging project which will recruit senior volunteers in the community with artistic and performance skills as well as build bridges between youth and the elderly in the community. The program aims to create sustainable and on-going collaborative relationships between and among participants.

“Arts for all Ages recognizes the importance and value of intergenerational engagement. Seniors have always played an important social role in the nurturing of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Sometimes in today’s frantic world we forget that. This program can help restore some of those important intergenerational connections,” says Mathyssen.

greeted at Dearness Home
Irene is greeting by director Densie Bedard at Dearness Home for Seniors
speaking to seniors
Irene speaks to seniors taking part in in the Art for All Ages program