Community & London Police Service Partnership Working Group

Now accepting applications for the Community/London Police Service Collaboration and Partnership Working Group!

City Councillor Mo Mohamed Salih and London Police Service Chief of Police John Pare will co-facilitate a Working Group that will draw from expertise and experiences of members of the community with the goal of strengthening police relationships with the London Community.

Through effective consultation and productive partnership, the Working Group will be tasked with working with London Police Service, within provincial guidelines, to deliver training related to race relations, diversity, inclusion, racial bias and racial profiling.

City Councillor Salih and Chief Pare strive to have membership that is reflective of the diverse makeup of London including:

* Youth/Post-Secondary Student Representative

* London Diversity Race Relations Committee Member

* Community Member(s) at large

* Member of local Community group/organization

* London Police Service Diversity Officer

* London Police Services Board member

* Academic with a background in Race Relations/Diversity Londoners wishing to express an interest in the Community/London Police Service Collaboration and Partnership Working Group can apply by sending a letter outlining their expertise or experience to the Office of the Chief at or directly to City Councillor Salih at

Expressions of interest from members of the community will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 8, 2015.