Canada's Syrian Refugee Program

The Government of Canada has announced its plan for resettling more Syrian Refugees in Canada. The government will bring in 10,000 refugees before December 31 and 15,000 more by the end of February. The program will cost $678 million over six years.

Identified Syrian refugees will be resettled under 2 programs: Government-assisted refugees referred by UNHCR (15,000) and privately sponsored refugees (10,000)

  • In order to be considered, refugees must be Syrian nationals living outside of Syria and registered with either the government of Turkey or the UNHCR
  • Canada will ask the UNHCR to prioritize vulnerable refugees – complete families, women at risk, LGBTI, and single adult men only if they are LGBTI or if they accompany their parents.
  • UNHCR verifying refugees by doing photo verification on refugee card and iris scans, which are part of the UNHCR database.

Syrian refugees to be processed overseas for full permanent resident visas.

  • 150 officials being deployed to staff these offices and conduct interviews with each refugee. Every refugee also subject to immigration medical exam
  • Security screening will involve collecting biographical and biometrical information checked against law enforcement and security databases.

Transportation to Canada

  • Privately chartered aircraft, with military aircraft assisting if necessary, arriving in Montreal and Toronto.
  • Medical escorts will accompany each flight

Welcoming to Canada

  • Welcomed and processed by Canadian Border Services Agency.
  • Privately sponsored refugees will continue to the community where their sponsor resides.
  • Government sponsored refugees will be kept in refugee centres before eventually moving along to their final destination.

Settlement and community integration

  • Support for government sponsored refugees comes from the Government of Canada or Government of Québec for one year from date of arrival or until the refugee family can support itself.
  • Refugee Health Care funding will be fully reinstated.


A new website has been set-up to provide more details and information about how you can help at: