Canada 150 Award Recipients

This time last year, as Canada’s 150th Anniversary approached, I wanted to acknowledge the contributions of Londoners who have made our community and country stronger. People contribute to the community in many ways, some very publicly, some quietly behind the scenes.

Over the past year it has been my privilege to gather these people together on two separate occasions to acknowledge their contributions. Some have served us in the Canadian Forces, some are artists who in word or image or song have told our stories, others are activists who put themselves out there to champion and advocate for equity, for women, for indigenous peoples, for the LGBTQ2 community, or those struggling with poverty and homelessness.  Many are volunteers who have made a difference in hundreds of lives as they gave countless hours of their time and energy to serving in numerous capacities.

It was a privilege to be able to honour each of these people with the presentation of a special Canada 150 medallion I  had struck to celebrate our nation’s sesquicentennial.

September 2017

Mohammed Al-Ademi

Michael Loebach

Laith Shareef Alhamdany

Jose Lopez

Ziyad Ali

Jo Ann Lovell-Kristoferson

Samim Al-Qadhi

Mark MacAulay

Dani Bartlett

Jack Malkin

Debra Beaupre

Rev. Frank Mantz

Lucille Brennan

Derrick McClinchey

Rebecca Calder

Hector McLellan

Sam (Stanley) Carr CD

Lynda McNabb

Alfredo Caxaj

Rev. Delta McNeish

Kevin Culbertson,

Detective Constable

Heidi Currie

Ozzie Nethersole

Evelyn Daley

Roberta Nielsen

Jacob Damstra

Alana Pawley

Linda Davis

Rick Publicover

Tex (Frank) Davis

Mitch Puchala

Dan Ebbs

James Reaney

Betty Edwards

Joan Richardson

Jessica Everett

Andrew Rosser

Vilma Francois

Nina Roy

Jacqueline Fraser

Tanisha Shea Hasson

Ian Gifford

(William) Pete Schussler

Roy Goldik

Jeeva Sivanadian

Doris Hall

Bryan Smith

Fabienne Haller

Mary-Lou Smoke

Heather Hammond

Mike Sydorko

Maya Hirschman

Buster Thiel

Margaret Hoff

Jackie Thompson

Kingson Huff

Summer Thorp

Rifat Hussain

Susan Toth

Huda Hussein

Randy Warden

Chris Johnston

Lisa Widdifield

Colin Jose

Dorothy Wilson

Esther Kern

Seumas (Sean) Wilson

Waltraud Knott

Mike Winia

Mike Laliberte

Mary-Jo Winkler-Callaghan

Joyce Larche

Hank Wong

Margaret LeBas Howe




Mina Antone

Shawna Lewkowitz

Alythia Benjamin

William Lundrigan

Marlene Beyer

Gary MacDonald

Dr. Don Bondy

Major Bruce MacKinnon

Jamie Boyce

Leila Madhoun

Heather Bressette-Hammond

Chip Martin

Susan Browning

Catherine McInnes

Clark Bryan

Rene McKinnon

WO Sean Christensen

Nancy McSloy

Joanne Christian

Jennifer O'Brien

Marion Craig

Mavis Orser

John Craig

Abe Oudshoorn

Patti Dalton

Nikki Peters

Miriam Daniels

Jeff Preston

Al Day

Lucy Quaglia

CI Marty Devine

Bonnie Quesnel

Connie Dodd

WO Megan Robinson

Florence Douglas

Joshua Runciman

Shanna Dunlop

Duran Christian Saavedra

Sobi Elsayed

Anne Marie Sanchez

Patrick Fleming

Hasan Savehilaghi

Carin Fraser

Diane Simpson

Bob Geilen

Todd Smallman

Dick Henshall

Golovchenko Maureen Spencer

Danielle Hill

Bob Stoyles

Lisa Howe

Miriam Terpstra

Colleen Jamieson

Heidi Vamvalis

Dalyce Jamieson

Lori Ward

Jolene Jamieson-Nethercott

Kate Wiggins

Betty Joseph

Martin Withenshaw

Steve Joudrey

Gebremariam Woldemicael

Miigizi Kwe

Shan Shan Yam

Kenneth Lee

Shelley Yeo

Sandy Levin

Jessica Zelinka