Calling on the Government to Support Electro-Motive Workers

Irene Mathyssen-NDP, London—Fanshawe:  Mr. Speaker, Electro-Motive Diesel got $5 million in tax breaks from the government through its generous corporate tax plan giveaway. After the photo op, EMD decided to cut workers' salaries in half, slash their benefits, and threatened to ship Canadian jobs overseas.

Why is the government irresponsibly handing out billions in no-strings-attached tax giveaways and turning its back on workers in London, Ontario? EMD is the only producer of locomotives in this country. When will the government step up to the plate in the interests of Canadians and Canadian workers?

Christian Paradis-Conservative,  Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture): Mr. Speaker, this is a sad situation, but this is a labour dispute between a private company and a union. We have been briefed by local Conservative MPs on this situation. We are all concerned about workers and their families, but this matter is under the Ontario government's jurisdiction and the federal government cannot interfere in that matter.