Blog Post for June 12

With the House rising soon, it has been a busy week for me on Parliament Hill!

Statements in the House:

I made one statement in the House this week. On June 8th, I recognized military hero Michael Sydorko for his well- deserved knighthood distinction:

Questions in the House:

I had the opportunity to ask questions in the House twice this week, both regarding the Senate Expense Scandal. Not only is the Senate an undemocratic institution that only serves to advance this government`s agenda, but they were investigated by the Auditor General.  Several Senators were found guilty of fraudulently claiming travel and housing expenses. Unfortunately, this government has failed to take the Auditor General`s ruling seriously, and has even taken steps to repeal his findings. Rather than making changes to stop this blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars, the Conservatives have continued to enable such corruption. Quite simply, it is unacceptable.

The videos of my questions in the House this week are available here:

Bill C-51:

Despite strong opposition from the Canadian people and numerous experts, the Senate passed Bill C-51 on Tuesday. By doing so, this unelected group of Conservatives and Liberals set a dangerous precedent that allows the government to rob us of our civil liberties and demolish our basic freedoms. Because this bill was passed in its inherently vague form that also lacks necessary oversight measures I stand with Canadians—repeatedly disappointed in and frustrated with the actions of this government.


This week, we had our last Citizenship and Immigration committee meeting of this Parliamentary session. We spent the meeting reviewing a draft of the Citizen and Immigration Committee report on Promoting Economic Prosperity through Settlement Services, and had a chance to make amendments. Next, the committee’s report will be finalized and tabled in the House.