Blog Post January 30th

I was back in Ottawa this week from our winter break.  I had the good fortune to spend last week meeting with Parliamentarians in Scotland to learn about best practices and talk about issues and challenges we all face.  The meetings were very interesting and I learned a great deal about Scottish devolution and the upcoming United Kingdom elections.

Last week also saw a shuffle of the NDP shadow cabinet.  Given my new role as Caucus Chair, I expected some changes.  I have been moved from the Heritage file but remain the Seniors critic.  I also have the new duty of sitting on the Citizenship and Immigration committee.  I am looking forward to this new challenge!

I had many meetings this week and my first Citizenship and Immigration committee meeting.  The committee is drafting a report on strengthening the protection of women who are in our immigration system.  I will share with you the results of the report once it is public. 

I look forward to heading back to the riding after a long week.  I am especially looking forward to speaking with young women this weekend who are participating in a conference on leadership and empowerment at Western University.