Blog Post for October 31

This week MPs returned to the House of Commons.  It was a difficult week for many who are still dealing with the October 22nd attack.  The NDP caucus met in the same room that my colleagues had gathered in last week.  We had an opportunity to thank the security guard who dashed into our caucus room and stood in front of the door while telling MPs to get down and stay down.  It was an emotional meeting. 

In some ways much was back to normal this week.  We debated Bill C-35 a bill that seeks to strengthen penalties against those who attack law enforcement animals, service animals or Canadian Armed Forces animals.  Other bills debated included C-41 a Canada-Korea trade agreement and C-43 the budget implementation act.  There were several Private Members bills debated this week including: C-524 an election advertising bill, C-608 calling for a Day of the Midwife and NDP MP Huang Mai’s bill C-603 which calls for federal trucks to have protective side guards that would help prevent cyclists and pedestrians from being pulled under the vehicle in the event of an accident.

This week, visitors were also allowed back on Parliament Hill.  I had many meetings with individuals and organizations throughout the week and attended executive meetings for the International Parliamentary Union and the Canada United Kingdom Friendship Group. 

I am back in London today and attending many events over the weekend, including the Childreach 10th Annual Soup and Chilli luncheon and Diwali celebrations.