Blog Post for October 24

This weekly update was supposed to look much different, but for this week, I want to focus on the events that overshadowed everything else.

We were all shocked to hear that a gunman had killed an unarmed honour guard at the War Memorial.  Corporal Cirillo made the ultimate sacrifice protecting the honour of our fallen soldiers.  The gun man than turned towards the House of Commons.  This attack on our soldiers, on our veterans and on the very heart of democracy shook Canadians to the core.  I hope that we can all take some time to reflect on the events and find ways to heal. 

I was not in the House of Commons at the time of the attack.  I was flying to London for an event.  I have heard nothing but positive stories from staff and MPs on what an exemplary job the House of Commons Security Staff, the RCMP, and Ottawa Police did to ensure the safety of all.  I am truly thankful for their selfless professionalism and all that they did.

On October 23, one day after the shootings, the leaders of all parties made speeches in the House of Commons. When our democracy is threatened by violence, Canadians come together and support one another, regardless of political ideology. I am proud of my colleagues in the House from all political parties for standing in solidarity with one another, protecting our open democracy, and condemning this brutal attack.  We acted together as one House, and one family.  As Canadians we were united.  

I have included links the statements from the party leaders

Tom Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Leader: