Blog Post for November 28

This week has been a busy one in Ottawa.  I met with several groups over the week including the Canadian Nurses Association, the Association of Canadian Publishers, ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, as well as attending meetings with our caucus. In addition to these meeting I attended meetings and receptions including the Shaw Rocket Prize Awards ceremony, which gives annual awards to the best Canadian children’s television programming. I also met with the other members of the Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association, and attended Startup Canada’s reception, empowering Canadian entrepreneurs.

In Heritage Committee, I questioned the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Shelly Glover, on the lack of adequate funding for museums in Canada – and especially in London – Fanshawe. Funding for museums has decreased from $18 million to $7 million, and the Minister is not prepared to make up that shortfall. We also studied Bill S-211, which creates a national day to promote health and fitness for all Canadians.

Other bills discussed in the House this week were C-585, which concerns altering the eligibility standard for social assistance, C-18 on farming regulations, C-42, which amends the Firearms Act, and S-218, which establishes a National Fiddling Day. I’m proud to say that on Thursday the NDP made an important motion to compensate the survivors of the Thalidomide tragedy. Thalidomide was the drug prescribed to pregnant women in the 1960s that had catastrophic effects for many of their children. Canada was slow to recall this drug, and the children who suffered missing limbs as a result are now in their fifties and in need of help to manage the challenges they face.

Next week looks to be another busy week. There are only two more weeks left before the House recesses for Christmas, with so much to do before the holidays begin. I will continue to meet with constituents and groups as well as attend events. It is important to me that even if things are busy that I am able to meet and talk with constituents.