Blog Post for May 22, 2015

My Week in London:

It was pleasure to spend this week in London.  It was very busy week meeting with constituents and community groups.  I had the pleasure of attending the Victoria Day festivities at Fanshawe Pioneer Village.  It is an honour to be invited every year to participate.  I also had the pleasure to attend a BBQ at the Secret of Radar Museum.  It offers a very important insight into a little known part of Canada’s World War II history

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to speak to local ESL students about the role of a Member of Parliament and that of the Federal Government. 

I was also very pleased to attend a community Town Hall on the importance of maintaining Door to Door Mail Service.  I was disappointed that no other MPs made time for this important discussion.    I should also note that this week New Democrats committed to re-establishing door-to-door delivery if elected.

Looking Forward:

Next week the House of Commons resumes sitting for the remaining four weeks of the session.  Of particular note next week, the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration will be testifying before Committee on the Main Estimates for the department.