Blog Post for February 26th

This week was an extremely busy week in Ottawa.  In addition to my duties in the House of Commons I met with a wide range of organizations including CASA who represent the students at Western, medical students, representatives from the manufacturing sector, a poverty organization, software developers, and more.  And that was just Monday.

This week I also had an executive meeting with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association where we set the agenda for future meetings.  I also attended the Joint Interparliamentary Council where we reviewed an application by Canada Japan Association for work they hope to do this year.

Both the Veterans Affairs Committee meetings this week were in camera and I am unable to discuss what happened in detail.  I can tell you that we worked on our agenda for the next few months. 

Wrapping up the week in the House of Commons, I had the opportunity to participate in the debate on the NDP Motion before parliament on EI reform.

You can find my portion of the debate here:

You can join the thousands of Canadians adding their voices to the call for EI reform by adding your name here:

I am looking forward to spending some time back in London next week.  I hope to see some of you around the city as I visit with Londoners.  Next week is also the start of Tax Clinics in my office on Thursdays.  For more details please visit: