Blog Post for Feb 5 2016

Speaking in the House:

Question to the Minister: Manufacturing Jobs

This week I asked about Manufacturing jobs in London.  My question and the response from the minister can be viewed here:


Speech on Pay Equity

Canada lags far behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to pay equity. The World Economic Forum ranks us 80th out of 145 countries.   On Wednesday February 3rd the NDP motion on pay equity passed in the House of Commons with only the Conservatives voting against the motion calling for equal pay for work of equal value. 

I spoke on the NDP motion this past Tuesday.  You can watch a clip of my speech here:


Meetings in Ottawa:

This week was a very busy week again in Ottawa.  I had the opportunity to meet with several veterans organizations; it was good to hear from veterans themselves on how services are impacting their lives.  I also met with the Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent and with Veterans Affairs Canada.  It was interesting to learn more about what services are available and where there could be room for improvement.  There is a lot of work to do on the Veterans file; we can do so much more for the Veterans of this country.


Looking Forward:

This weekend I will be back in London and I am looking forward to both the Black History Month opening ceremonies at Museum London and celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Next week the House of Commons is not sitting and I will be in London meeting with Londoners at events around town and in my office on Dundas Street.