Blog Post Feb 6th

This week in Ottawa was very busy as usual with many meetings.  I had the pleasure of sitting on two committees this week both Citizenship and Immigration and Procedure and House Affairs. 

In Citizenship and immigration committee this week we finished drafting our report on Strengthening the Protection of Women in our Immigration System.  The report will be tabled in the House at the end of February and will be made public at that time. 

In Procedure and House Affairs we were drafting a report on the possibility of the House of Commons accepting on-line petitions.  That report also will be tabled in the House soon and will then be made public.

On Monday and Thursday this week we had our opposition days.  Opposition days are an opportunity to set the agenda for debate in the House.  On Monday we debated about promised funding for Newfoundland and Labrador as a result of the CETA agreement.  On Thursday the NDP chose to debate supporting the economy and small business.  The full text of the motion:

Ms. Nash (Parkdale—High Park)That the House call on the government to take immediate action to build a balanced economy, support the middle class and encourage manufacturing and small business job creation by: (a) extending the accelerated capital cost allowance by two years; (b) reducing the small business income tax rate from 11% to 10% immediately, and then to 9% when finances permit; and (c) introducing an Innovation Tax Credit to support investment in machinery, equipment and property to further innovation and increase productivity.

Next week is a constituency week.  I look forward to meeting with Londoners and attending events in the community.