My Blog for June 5th

On Monday I am proud to say that the house voted and passed another motion that will eliminate the tax on feminine hygiene products effective July 1st  of this year.  I am so proud that thousands upon thousands of Canadian men and women who voiced their support of my Private Member’s Bill have been heard.

Also debated and passed this week was another NDP motion to end to pay-to-pay fees for banks. In addition to increasing basic account fees, banks are considering charging extra fees to pay bills, make mortgage or loan payments, or to even access the money in customer accounts.  The motion calls for a mandatory financial code of conduct that would protect consumers from predatory practices.

Statements in the House:

I made two statements in the House this week:

The first was June first on the departure of yet another Conservative Minister:

The second statement was on June 3rd on the importance of women’s voices in Parliament:

Government Bills:

This week we debated two Government bills, S-4 – a bill that aims to amend the Act that covers Personal Information protection and electronic documents and S-6 – a bill regarding the Yukon and Nunavut Environmental Assessment.

Meetings in Ottawa:

I had many meetings in Ottawa this week, that included the insurance brokers of Canada, Canadian Olympians, representatives of St. John Ambulance and of course my caucus colleagues.

I also had the honor to make a presentation to the Canadian Association of Retired teachers about seniors and spoke to the former teachers about the importance of the need for a federal strategy and the NDP plan.

Committee Next Week:

Next week we will be looking a draft of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee report on Promoting Economic Prosperity Through Settlement Services.