Blog post for February 19, 2016

After a snow filled weekend in London, this was a short week in Ottawa, made even shorter  due to the major snow storm in Ottawa.  The city was abuzz with the record breaking 52 cm of snow falling in one day.  After Keith and I were finally able to dig out from the snow in London, the Ottawa snow storm meant my scheduled early morning flight became a Tuesday evening flight. Travel in Canada in the winter can be an adventure. 


Meetings in Ottawa:

This week I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with London area businesses visiting Ottawa, and Veterans stakeholders.  I also had the opportunity to meet with my fellow caucus members and those from other parties to discuss issues relevant to Londoners and Canadians across the country.

Veterans Affairs Committee:

Veterans Affairs committee met this week and I was elected second vice chair of the committee.  The committee also discussed what future studies the committee will undertake in the upcoming months.

Speaking in Parliament:

On Thursday this week I had the privilege of having the lead spot for the NDP in Question Period, allowing me to ask the Prime Minister a question directly. I chose to focus on the TPP and what that means for jobs and foreign workers. You can read the exchange here:

Staying Connected with the House of Commons:
The House of Commons has launched Our Commons, a website that allows mobile device users to follow daily House of Commons business as it happens. Our Commons is designed to complement the more comprehensive Parliament of Canada website by providing mobile access to the day’s Chamber and committee activities, as well as key parliamentary business information.


Pre Budget Consultations:

Canadians expect their government to work tirelessly on their behalf to improve their quality of life. They expect that the government will keep its promises and show leadership where it counts.

The next federal budget will be tabled soon. The NDP has launched a series of pre-budget consultations to learn about the priorities and concerns of Canadian families, communities and businesses.

We want to hear from you.

Please review the questions below and respond to as many questions as you feel relevant to you. If you have already prepared a separate pre-budget submission please feel free to submit it as well.

1)       What should the government do to support a diversified economy and boost the competitiveness of Canadian companies through research, innovation and marketing?


2)       What should the government do to help the most vulnerable Canadians, including indigenous peoples, young Canadians, persons with disabilities, seniors, and newcomers?


3)       What should the government do to create and support good jobs, while also ensuring workers are protected?


4)       What should the government do to improve the efficiency and transparency of its tax and regulatory regime?


5)       What should the government do to ensure the prosperity and safety of communities, particularly by investing in infrastructure, while also protecting the environment and respecting local priorities?


6)       Do you have any specific recommendations that directly affect the sector or industry in which you work?


7)       Do you have any recommendations that could specifically help in your community?


Please submit your responses to the NDP’s Finance Critic by Friday, February 26, in one of the following ways:

By email at, or

By mail, addressed to Guy Caron, MP, House of Commons, Parliament of Canada

Given the scale of these pre-budget consultations, we will not be able to respond to your submissions individually. However, we would like to thank you in advance for your participation