Avian Flu Outbreak and CIFA Cuts a Concern

2015-04-24 11:42 [p.12993]
Mr. Speaker, Ontario farmers are worried because avian flu has been confirmed on a second farm in Oxford County, and the quarantine now stretches into the Waterloo Region.
This is the second major outbreak of bird flu in Canada in the last six months at a time when Conservative cuts have decimated the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It has lost 300 employees while 54 positions in animal health remain unfilled.
What is the government's plan to contain the outbreak and protect the poultry industry? Will the Conservatives reverse their destructive cuts to CFIA?
2015-04-24 11:43 [p.12993]
Mr. Speaker, testing has confirmed that H5 avian influenza is on a number of farms in Ontario.
We are working closely with the province, industry and producers. CFIA has placed the farms under quarantine, and has established appropriate control zones in accordance with international protocols.
CFIA will continue to keep the public informed of developments through its technical briefings.