OTTAWA – Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the tabling of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women Report, which was groundbreaking for women’s equality in Canada. Sadly, many of the recommendations still have not been implemented.

“Many things have changed for women over the past 40 years,” said New Democrat Status of Women Critic Irene Mathyssen, (London-Fanshawe). “Married women can now enlist in the Canadian Forces and the minimum wage for men and women is the same. But amazingly, four decades later, we’re still waiting for many of the recommendations from the Royal Commission to be implemented.

“New Democrats will continue to push forward policies and legislation that originally were recommended in the Royal Commission report – such as pay equity, equal representation in public office, improvement in the conditions in the lives of First Nations women and establishing a national Child Care Act,” said Mathyssen.

Mathyssen condemns the lack of action taken by the Harper government. Its outright opposition to women’s rights has turned back the clock on women’s equality. Whether it is cutting funding to women’s organizations, abandoning the court challenges program or ending real pay equity for federal workers, this government has shown a complete disregard for women’s rights.

“New Democrats have led the way in advancing women’s equality in Canada,” said Mathyssen. “We’ve been vocal and consistent in defending reproductive rights, breaking the silence on domestic violence, electing the first female federal leader of a political party and electing the highest proportion of women Members of Parliament.”